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Specialty Vehicles Delivers Two Trolleys To Mississippi State University

Starkville, MS – September 2014 –Specialty Vehicles is pleased to announce the delivery of two new Supreme Classic American Trolleys to the Mississippi State University. The trolleys will be used in conjunction between Mississippi State University and the City of Starkville to provide a new campus-community trolley route named the SMART system. The new name reflects the expanded routes beyond campus boundaries into historic Starkville. The route includes the downtown area and local destinations, and is free to ride.

“This is a game changer for Starkville,” said Starkville Mayor Parker Wiseman. “It offers us the opportunity to ease the flow of traffic from within the city to the university and also from point to point within the city. This service will enable our citizens who many not have reliable transportation to be able to access all parts of the city and the university with ease.”

MSU Transportation began operating campus shuttle routes in 1996, with four buses and two routes. Over the years, the system has grown to the current operation of 20 buses and five routes. The trolleys are also being used for the MSU’s home football games in the Game Day bus route between downtown Starkville and the Davis Wade Stadium.