Tel: (800) SVI-TRAM (784-8726)
Tel: (800) SVI-TRAM (784-8726)

Specialty Vehicle Warranty

When looking for a vehicle, one of the major items to consider is its warranty, and when you purchase the vehicle you are entitled to receive the full benefits of that warranty. Because we appreciate your business we want to help you receive the greatest value from your warranties, and one of the best ways to do this, is to understand what they are. To this end, we have put together this website to help aid you in this regard.

Please note:

Each manufacturer has its own policies regarding how a warranty claim must be handled and all of them require that pre-authorization be obtained prior to any work being performed. Once they give authorization for the repair, they will state how much time they will pay for labor or parts as the situation may be. None of them will reimburse for lost revenue or travel time.

You may find it to be in your best interest, financially or otherwise, to elect to have a repair performed without pre-authorization. Please note that this will be at your expense. Any claim not pre-authorized will not be paid. These are the policies of the manufacturers and we have no control over them. Specialty Vehicles does not offer any warranty or pay/reimburse for any warranty claims.

If you experience any problems please contact one of the following manufacturers that warranty your vehicle components before consenting to any repair expense. They will help you determine the closest repair location and inform you of any actions that need to be taken.

Please also note that to keep these warranties in effect regular scheduled maintenance will need to be performed per established manufacturer requirements.

Drivability/Chassis Issues

Freightliner Roadside Assistance - 1-800-385-4357
Ford Roadside Assistance - 1-800-241-3673
GM Roadside Assistance - 1-800-862-4389

Air Conditioning

Carrier Transport A/C Customer Service - 1-800-255-7382
Trans/Air Manufacturing Customer Service - 1-800-673-2446

Wheelchair Lift

Braun Lift Customer Service - 1-800-843-5438
Ricon Corp. Customer Service - 1-800-322-2884

Other Issues

For any other issues, or if you are unsure who to call, please contact us directly at 1-800-SVI-TRAM, (with vehicle body number, mileage, and description of problem) and we will work with you to determine the proper course of action.

For all your Warranty needs, please contact us:

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